About Concord

Concord is changing the way people create, sign, and file contracts. We’re on a mission to make sure no one ever has to manage contracts manually. We provide unlimited e-signatures and unlimited contract storage for an unlimited number of users in all types of businesses and industries – from freelancers to large entities. Our solution is fast and simple to use. Hundreds of companies are already using Concord to streamline their contract lifecycle management process.

Our name means agreement or harmony between people or groups. We know that getting everyone to agree is how contracts get signed. Concord allows colleagues and third parties to easily collaborate. Our solution is loaded with helpful features including automated templates, deadline alerts, and track changes. Everything we do at Concord is aimed at making contracts better to work with.

“Contract management is where

finance was 30 years ago.”

Larry Ellison

Founder of Oracle

The world is now ruled by dynamic transactions.

Having both speed and security has become crucial to business. Companies have adapted by implementing software everywhere: CRM, procurement, accounting, etc.

But 96% of companies still manage their contracts manually

Endless Word documents sent by email for negotiation, handwritten signatures or scans, deadline management on Excel…

Manual contract management costs companies $153b per year.

Worldwide. Due to business delays and missed opportunities, high management costs, and increased legal and financial risks.

“We know the pain.

We suffered. Personally.

Matt Lhoumeau

Cofounder & CEO of Concord

Where it all started:
500 contracts to renegotiate

In 2009, while he was working with the CEO of a company bringing in $5b annually, Matt Lhoumeau was asked to renegotiate the terms for 500 vendor agreements. The idea was to improve the company’s margins.

For the first 5 minutes, Matt was thrilled by the importance of the mission. He knew he could save his company a lot of money.

Quickly, 5 minutes passed and Matt became disenchanted because he realized how challenging it would be to even get an overview of his company’s contracts. He’d been given an enormous challenge.

What happened then:
6 months in contract hell

The first step in the long process of renegotiating the vendor agreements was to find all of the files. Matt spent no less than a month digging through filing cabinets, where he discovered that many of the files were missing. When left with no good option, Matt called vendors and asked for their copies of contracts; some of which were worth over $30m.

After gathering all of the contracts, Matt spent the next month reading each one – page by page. He built an unruly spreadsheet with 52 columns and 500 lines to get an overview of the situation.

The next 4 months were spent renegotiating agreements by sending contracts back and forth to his colleagues and third parties. There were hundreds of files, multiple contributors, and numerous versions of each document, but Matt survived and completed the project.

The reason:
Inadequate or incomplete solutions

After wasting 6 months, Matt became obsessed with a simple question: Why are we still stuck in the Stone Age with contracts, when we have modern solutions to manage everything else in a company?

So far, companies have only been offered outdated or incomplete contract management tools. First-generation solutions are complex and expensive, and only suitable for large companies. E-signature players only solve a small part of the problem.

It was time to fix this.

Our mission

Make sure no one will ever have to manage any contract manually. Ever.

Freedom of business is the cornerstone of our modern society

Entrepreneurial and economic freedom has helped our economy thrive like never before. By reducing restraints, the free movement of goods, people, and information has created optimal conditions for unprecedented innovation that continues to improve the lives of billions.

Agreements help us build relationships

Contracts are more than simple business documents. They are at the foundation of our society. From The Social Contract to the U.S. Constitution’s First Amendment, contracts define relationships between individuals, organizations, and countries. By specifying with clarity the conditions of any exchange or interaction, contracts foster the building of a more just and efficient civilization. Yes, there is still a lot to accomplish, but we’ve come a long way from the state of nature and the war of all against all.

Doing our part

“Life is about choosing between having a big impact on small topics or having a small impact on big topics.” At Concord, we’ve chosen to have a big impact on a small topic: contracts. We are not solving world peace. We are helping millions do business faster by simplifying their agreement process. We are streamlining the steps to concord. We contribute modestly, but proudly, to the improvement of each users’ everyday life. We’re also doing our part to grow the economy.

That’s why we created Concord, the simplest and most complete contract lifecycle management platform ever built. And that’s why it’s yours to use for free. And that’s why we won’t stop until we achieve our mission.

Concord, noun:


Agreement or harmony between people or groups


Origin: From latin con- “together” + cor, cord- “heart”

Leadership team

Matt Lhoumeau CEO of Concord
Florian Parain CTO of Concord

Matt Lhoumeau

Cofounder & CEO

Before founding Concord, Matt Lhoumeau worked with the CEOs of Iliad and RATP, Europe’s main telecommunication and public transport operators. He also worked with former French President Nicolas Sarkozy during the 2007 campaign, building the candidate program under future cabinet secretary Emmanuelle Mignon.

Concord is Matt’s second company; he founded one of the main video game websites in Europe at the age of 17.

Matt holds four different master’s degrees in business, political sciences, international affairs, and Japanese from Europe’s most prestigious schools, Sciences Po, HEC Paris, and INALCO.

Florian Parain

Cofounder & CTO

Florian Parain is an engineer and an information systems expert. He previously worked for Capgemini on several of its leading client accounts including SFR (Vivendi/Altice).

Like Matt, Concord is Florian’s second company; Florian cofounded a leading French children’s literature website at the age of 16. He managed the site for 6 years, developing partnerships with Gallimard, Warner Bros., MSN, UGC, WHSmith, and Cinéréplicas.

Florian earned his engineering master’s degree from France’s top school Centrale-Supelec, he also holds a master’s degree in business from HEC Paris.

Travis Bickham

VP of Marketing

Travis is responsible for global marketing and public relations at Concord. Prior to joining the team he held leadership roles in tech and finance in Silicon Valley and contributed to The Economist, where he wrote about business, economics, and US politics.

He’s a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley where he played four years of varsity water polo and was member of the 2007 National Championship team.