Bsharp + Concord

“I can still manage all the contracts even if I am far away.

Success story with Ed Murat, COO at BSharp


As the COO, Ed Murat is in charge of structuring steps to establish the company’s vision in the U.S. as well as its European branch. He wears many hats and works with several different types of contracts including those for partnerships, clients, potentials users, contractors, employees, lawyers, and more.

The time difference between the U.S. and Europe made managing simultaneous growth on both continents challenging. Murat is based in the U.S. and certain decisions as well as actions in Europe needed to be made quickly; during his night. Giving some signing authority to European team members was risky because there was no clear method to track revisions or oversee each contract’s progress.

BSharp had such a large number of contracts that floor space became an issue in the office. It was also difficult to stay on top of numerous contract deadlines and renewals.


At BSharp, nothing is given to chance and efficiency is essential.

“If you can be 10% more efficient every day in those 100 different jobs, it helps so much… I need to be fast and I don’t want to miss a contract because of a tool.”

Ed decided to try out several contract solutions that could make processes more efficient. He tried another electronic signature solution, however, he still had difficulty tracking contracts. He then tried Concord and loved it. The tipping point was the ability to compare different versions of a document in a very easy way. The simple interface enabled BSharp staff to immediately start using the platform.


“Concord is super easy to handle and they provide great support.”

Concord has enabled BSharp to break into new markets while also improving customer satisfaction. Rather than sifting through crates of records, BSharp now has digital records of all their legally binding agreements.

The built-in alert feature enables BSharp to ensure consultants and contractors have signed their employment agreements. And the start-up is able to ensure client agreements are signed before progressing with their projects.


  • Ability to meet tight deadlines with global oversight of all contracts
  • Improved collaboration between globally dispersed teams
  • Time to process contracts reduced by 10%

About the company

BSharp is a predictive engine that helps engineers working in tech actively manage their careers. Engineers enter their career goals – which could be as high as Everest – and BSharp’s algorithms create an individual path that will lead them to their goals. The technology enables users to determine their best career move based on their current needs and the global marketplace.