Construction Contract Management Software

Move contracts along faster, organize your files, and control budgets with our eco-friendly contract signing and management solution.


Speed Up Deals and Track Contract-Related Deadlines

Get contracts signed faster without mailing or emailing. Whether you handle residential, commercial, civil, industrial, or environmental construction, e-signature technology and cloud-based contract management can help you streamline your business operations.

Make it easy for your subcontractors to sign contracts online and stay up to date while you’re in the field. With Concord, you’ll automatically get notified when all parties have signed. And you can create reminder alerts for any contract-related deadline.

Keep your notes organized using Concord’s discussion panel. Add messages for yourself or anyone invited to the contract. Our built-in version control feature tracks every change that’s made, so you’ll have a comprehensive record of revisions available at all times.

Centrally Manage Construction Agreements

Effectively manage jobs across multiple teams and locations. Concord’s document management capabilities enable you to centrally manage all your agreements along with supporting documentation such as permits, bids, and subcontractor contracts. You can manage an unlimited number of contracts for any length of time free of charge.

Enhance Your Purchasing Process

Safeguard your budget with Concord’s internal validation workflow. Our platform can make sure that each contract goes through the proper chain of command before getting signed.

Electronic signatures create a tamperproof seal around documents, ensuring that your subcontractor agreements and supplier contracts aren’t unknowingly altered after being executed.


New residential building permits in 2014


Project specifications that LEED is referenced in for projects valued at $50m and over


New residential building permits in 2014