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Concord is intuitive enough for users to get a handle on.

Success story with Gael Boisseau, IT Development Manager at HEC

HEC seeks to recruit the best teachers to train its students, which elevates teaching and research to the highest quality possible. Each year, nearly 600 teachers—all experts in their fields—comprise the team of permanent faculty researchers.


Contracts were manually managed. The educational management teams spent considerable time sending and collecting nearly 1,000 employment contracts by mail or hand delivery. The large volume of contracts made them difficult to trace and monitor, and HRD had to manually sign hundreds of contracts per month.

Additionally, the large number of third parties involved slowed down the signing process substantially, causing delays on that affected the processing of contractor payments.

Ensuring proper delivery and return of contracts was a protracted process for educational management teams, with contracts sometimes being misdelivered, which increased risk of loss and general confusion.


In the highly competitive environment among the worlds best schools, HEC has found itself in a phase of privatization processes automation to be an effective means to maintain a competitive edges. Looking to apply an automation towards the preparation and management of contracts, HEC turned to Concord for its robust features and ease of use.

“Concord was extremely simple to set up.”


Time saving from preparation to signing

Concord has reduced by 80% the time of preparation and signing for contracts. It is very easy to track the status of the 1000 contracts from the main page of Concord. The HRD now sign in mass the weekly hundred contracts.

Fluid Process for professors

Once shared, teachers receive simultaneously the contracts, they can interact and sign directly on Concord. The contractors are paid on time, thus retaining the best teachers in HEC.

100% of lecturers contracts centralized effortlessly

Spending time to collect the signed contracts is no longer necessary. The education management team is now certain that 100% of contracts are stored and centralized in the right folders. Finding the contracts is easy thanks to the search function in Concord.

“We are technically and legally confident about the protection and compliance of our critical data.”


HEC is currently deploying Concord to execute and manage internship agreements, which number in the thousands each year. Concord bulk sends feature will allow a colossal time gain. HEC is convinced that the training of teams responsible for these agreements will be easy and fast.

“Concord is intuitive enough for users to get a handle on.”

In the coming months, HEC expects to integrate Concord for international contracts within its broad partner network.


  • 80% reduction of the time of preparation and signing
  • Streamlined process for professors
  • 100% of lecturers contracts centralized effortlessly

About the company

HEC is one of the most renowned business schools in Europe, and is to educate leaders of tomorrow.

In 2015, HEC was ranked second for business schools in Europe by the Financial Times. Its Master in Finance program is ranked first worldwide by the FT, its MBA is ranked fifth by The Economist, and its executive education programs is ranked second place worldwide by the FT.