Shipping and Logistics Contract Mangement Software

Quickly draft and sign contracts and shipping agreements and store them all in one secure, easy-access location.


Seal the Deal, and Keep it Sealed

Draft, negotiate, and sign contracts almost instantaneously with our online contract management system. No matter the nature of the agreements you’re dealing with, Concord can help you streamline your deal making process by saving you time on the contract. Rather than emailing, faxing, or printing out lengthy documents for clients to review, manage your contracts online to make it simple and easy for everyone.

When your company needs to negotiate shipping logistics agreements with potential clients, you can make cooperation easier through the collaborative features that Concord offers. All parties involved can view the document and comment or send messages through the management system so that everyone will stay organized and in the loop. You will be notified when others have edited, signed, or commented on the document, so you won’t have to worry about missing a thing. And when you’re done, all you have to do is E-sign for the contract to be legally binding in most countries. The best part is, you can have unlimited signing for free.

Easily Access Your Contracts

Store your shipping contracts and agreements in a single, easily accessible location. Concord’s contract management system is easy to navigate, so you can find any shipment information that you’ve stored in our system, and you can easily create new contracts for future clients.

You will also be able to track any shipping deadlines that are specified in the contract. Fully customizable and automatic reminders help make it so you will never miss a deadline or need to stress about remembering to perform tasks related to contracts.

Airtight Security

Rest easy knowing that all of your personal and contractual information is safely stored in SSAE 16/SOC 1, SOC 2, and SOC 3 compliant data centers.

Our servers are housed in secured locations throughout the United States and Europe, guarded around the clock, and equipped with advanced fire suppression systems and security redundancies so that only you can access your information. You are in complete control of your online content by dictating who can view and edit documents on the web. Only account holders and invited collaborators are allowed to decrypt and access any E-contract that Concord manages for you.

$108.2 B

North America Free Trade Agreement partners U.S.,  Canada, and Mexico was up 4.7 percent to $108.2 billion in 2015.


Trucks moved 54.8 percent, or $58.6 billion of freight to and from Canada in October


Rail moved 16.1 percent of freight between the U.S. and Canada in only one month in 2014.