Well Connected Now + Concord

“Concord has done for contracts what Slack did for office chat.

Concord makes contracts easy, sleek, and fun.”

Success story with Lisa Abdilova, founder and CEO of Well Connected Now


When incorporating, Well Connected Now’s attorneys gave Lisa a package of 20 contracts for her and her advisors to sign. She needed a way to quickly process them to formally establish WCN as a Delaware C-Corp, set up an advisory board, negotiate everyone’s terms, and complete the initial grant paperwork.

Adding board members typically requires legal teams and outside parties to review multiple versions of the agreements and ensure compliance before the contracts could be executed. Lisa’s lawyers warned there would also likely be multiple steps to the negotiation process, so it was important for her to find an easy way to manage multiple versions, and store discussion summaries to them, in case of anything down the line.

After hearing stories about founders misplacing documents, Lisa also wanted to mitigate potential investment risks down the road by making sure all of her company’s documents were kept in a safe place and filed in an orderly manner.


Lisa chose Concord primarily because of its intuitive user interface. This enabled WCN’s lawyers and advisory board to immediately start using the solution with minimal onboarding or trouble. WCN also used Concord for their recruitment paperwork and contractor agreements.


“Concord has done for contracts what Slack did for office chat. Concord makes contracts easy, sleek, and fun.”

Since its founding, WCN has been able to build a safe and healthy structure for growth. Using e-signatures enabled WCN to jump-start their incorporation. It also allowed the company to bring six advisors on board quickly and efficiently.

WCN was also able to discuss each agreement in real-time with their lawyers within Concord, right alongside the contracts, plus unlike with other competitors’ products, they were able to seamlessly update their contracts without needing to restart the signing process. Additionally, multiple invited users could view the same contract and exchange private and public messages on the platform to streamline communication, and store it for future reference. All agreements are also stored in one secure online location that is easily accessible.

Since WCN launched its private beta last year, they have significantly expanded their community, plus driven over 3500 visits to wellconnectednow.com and matched over 160 professionals already. They also revamped their website and gave clients the ability to book consultations online. These and other accomplishments have laid the groundwork for WCN to scale-up rapidly.

Moving Forward

WCN is considering Concord for facilitating Business Associate Agreements with therapists and coaches, as well as filing clients’ Informed Consent forms through Concord’s HIPAA compliant document management system.


  • Ensured legal compliance
  • Streamlined communication between parties
  • Eliminated the risk of misplacing contracts

About the company

Well Connected Now personally matches professionals to mentors, coaches, and therapists. WCN aspires to rebrand mental health, and make trustworthy support more accessible to young professionals and entrepreneurs facing significant career and life challenges.