100,000 Companies Now Using Concord for Contract Management

Concord, a leading contract management platform, now has 100,000 companies online and managing their contracts. The number of companies on the platform grew 400% in the 19 months between Concord’s seed funding and Series A, and has continued monthly double-digit growth since the Series A was announced.

“I’m proud of Concord’s growth, but know this is just the beginning,” said CEO and Co-Founder, Matt Lhoumeau. “The number of companies now on the platform demonstrate the powerful network effects of Concord. Our customers have certainly given our growth an element of virality.”

Concord has rapidly gained market share in the estimated $5.5 billion contract management space. Hypergrowth and enterprise-level companies like Just Eat, Crédit Mutuel, and Stanford University create, negotiate, sign, and store contracts on Concord across more than 130 countries.

The news comes after a busy few months for Concord, following the announcement of additional funding, new executive hires, and several major feature additions to the platform.