A Promise to Fix Contracts | Concord

Contracts are complicated. In a fast-paced world that is almost completely digitized, they’re one of the last business processes that still use multiple different tools combined together in a tedious and inefficient process, or even worse, are completed manually.

In 2009, I was tasked with renegotiating 500 contracts for a multibillion-dollar company. I was thrilled with the responsibility—until I realized how difficult it would be to get a full picture of so many paper contracts. I spent six months digging through file cabinets, calling vendors, and reading every single contract page by page. As challenging of a project as it was, it saved the company money and set me on the course to bring you Concord.

Today, teams need to move away from tedious administrative tasks, focus on being strategic, and move fast while maintaining compliance. To do that, you need a simple way to manage contracts and their processes. Concord is the only contract lifecycle management platform that connects all your people, processes, and documents all in one place, making it easy to manage contracts at every stage—from origination to close—to uncap growth. The future of contracts is collaborative and integrated. We believe that future is Concord.