Announcing Concord’s New Pricing

By Annette Ochoa   Aug 11, 2020

What you need, at the price you need it.

Time and time again, organizations come to us with the request for simplicity and efficiency. While our customers are pleased with the user-friendly and robust nature of the Concord platform, we have decided to take it one step further. With Concord’s new tiered pricing, organizations can get key features and functionality, without breaking budgets and without complications.

After long hours of analyzing the needs of our customers, we created four new tiers: Starter, Standard, Pro, and Enterprise. With each package including core and essential functionally, we aligned our offerings with the needs of evolving organizations. In other words, we have a simple package that will fit your needs and budget.

Do you just need the fundamentals of contract management to centralize, e-sign, and stay on top of your contracts? No problem, check out our Starter package. With such a low barrier to entry, your whole company will thank you.

Raise your hand if your organization sends out a massive volume of contracts. Our customers who fell under this high-volume category originally felt it was impossible to manage and maintain so many contracts. To better solve these problems, we are offering our Standard package. Included are the core functionality of the Starter package plus additional features to help you conquer such a high volume of contracts. Work at light speed by easily sending hundreds of documents at once AND keeping track of every contract amendment.

With our Pro package, organizations can automate tedious approval workflows, gain visibility into contract data with comprehensive reporting and integrate with tools like Salesforce. Did we mention you will also have access to the deadlines dashboard to quickly see how many contracts are ending or renewing each month? All of these accelerating features have tremendous ROI and will come with a price tag that even your Finance team will agree upon.

The Enterprise package is left for those organizations out there who need features like subsidiary management, custom branding, or single sign on (SSO). This tier also provides tailored onboarding services. To learn more about this package, feel free to request a demo.

Contracts are not a static document. They are a core business process that impacts every team and every collaborator. Up-leveling your contract management is now accessible to every organization. Dive into the details of our pricing offerings or request a demo to talk with us today!

About Concord
Concord’s mission is to help companies achieve scalability and efficiency by automating their most central process, contracts. The award-winning cloud-based solution designed for easy adoption enables over 300,000 users around the globe to create, collaborate, sign, store, and manage their agreements all in one place. Founded in 2014 and headquartered in San Francisco, Concord is built by business, for business.

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