Capitalizing on Social Media to Plan Hotel Events

5-25-2016 | by Emily Sanders

In addition to hosting overnight guests, hotels are focal points for events like conferences, celebrations, and seminars. No matter the type of event, it is important for those hosting it to take advantage of all possible resources to make the event run smoothly and efficiently.

Event planners and hotel COOs should be taking advantage of their B2B relationships to advertise and host their events. Not only are hotel event and operations planners responsible for managing the contracts of those in the event, they can also play a huge role in increasing event visibility. By teaming up with partners through social media platforms, both event planners and COO’s have greater access to assets and services for enhancing the visibility of the event. Social media platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter can help hoteliers attract event planners and vice versa. Such online platforms are one of the most efficient ways to increase the number of attendants and the customer satisfaction at an event.

5 Social Media Tactics for Hotels and Event Planners

Live Stream Events

Wise event planners will provide the technology necessary to live stream their events. This feature allows event planners to reach a wider audience and with sites like, the advertising you get and the increased connectivity pays for itself.

Promote Social Media Interaction with Good Internet Capabilities

This is more of a venue requirement, but it can make a huge difference for the event planner as well. Because of the huge presence social media has on an individual level, event attendees will applaud bulletproof WiFi. Good connectivity will also perpetuate online dialogue, also providing free advertising for both hotel and event planners.

Have a Customer Service Twitter Page to Manage Satisfaction

Both the hotel itself and the event planners should have a Twitter account solely for the purpose of customer service. With their increased presence in social media, “Twitter concierges” help the event planners to know how the attendees are responding to their event and what they can do to make it better. Problems can be responded to quicker and an awareness of the customers shows that the party hosting the event cares about its’ attendees.

Conduct Webinars with Different Event Planners Across the Globe

Webinars can teach be used as opportunities to learn new information, tech, and gain attention. COO’s who use webinars have an easier time learning about different technology and how to advertise that technology to event planners looking to use their hotel as a venue. These webinars can also be used to educate event planners and COO’s on the best social media practices for event planning. Blogs (such as this one) can also be used to educate viewers on the best way to increase marketing and optimize events. An example social media webinar can be found here.

Use the Hotel’s Social Media Platforms to Advertise an Event

Being able to cross-promote events is great. If you can coordinate with the COO of a hotel to advertise for your event, you’re taking absolute advantage of your B2B connection. If a hotel prefers to host particular events (think weddings or business conferences) they can grow their social media base by advertising and hosting those events. The more people they reach, the more business for both the event planner and the hotel.