Concord Reviewed: Improving Contract Management Practices

Here Concord conducts an interview with Corey Kohn of, “a B Corp that crafts technologies for purpose-driven companies to help make the world a better place”, to find out how Concord has been working for them:


Tell me what you do at DOJO4?

I am one of the owners and founders of DOJO4 and I act as the Operations person.


How does Contract Management play into that role? How important is it in your day to day functions?

It’s not necessary that we have a lot of long term clients, so it’s not something that comes up every day or even every week. But when it does come up it’s super important. I tend to do a lot of the negotiations around our contractual relationships. To have a way to do it, that is easily accessible by our clients and easily managed by us, is really important. It is part of how we try to provide really good service for our clients.

We don’t want it to be like “We are going to send you a paper thing and there are going to be 12 thousand versions of this word doc.” We do technology, so when we interact with our clients we want to model what we think is a good way to use technology and a good way for people to interact with technology.


What drove you to look at a contract management system? Could you describe the process leading up to you choosing Concord?

We basically don’t have any paper in our office. We don’t have any filing cabinets. We have a printer that we use maybe twice a year. So the same way that we might use Dropbox for sharing files, or Google apps, or we use Freshbooks for all our invoicing. We wanted to have something similar for contract management. We actually met with Martin Ertl, he was in Bolder (which is where we are located) for Startup Week and he had just started this company called  We were really excited; it was exactly what we are looking for. Everything else we had seen in the contract management realm was enterprise level stuff. We are a small company, and we have really intimate relationships with our clients and all of those features were unmanageable for a small company. So we grew with When they started, their features were super basic, and we gave them a lot of feedback on what we wanted. It really worked for us for a while.


Yes we have heard there is a lot of disappointment about leaving this space. With that said, do you feel like Concord has been a good alternative for your business?

Yes. Feels great. Totally.


What parts of it? I am very curious about how you use it and why you use it?

It was surprisingly hard to find exactly what we were looking for. Frequently we have been finding good software through word of mouth, but in this case the recommendations were not working out. So what we were looking for was no an exclusively enterprise level system, we don’t have massive teams and a lot of times it is just me, whatever clients we are working with, and 2 other people working internally. I’m not working with 30 people and a team of legal counsel or anything like that. But I needed version control, and almost none of the enterprise level companies, even the ones that were $500, $1,000 a month, etc. didn’t provide very basic version control, which to me was astounding. I wanted to be able to share a contract with a client and then ask them to make changes themselves.

With these other systems, sure you can make comments, or someone would make a change and then there would be 12 different versions of the same thing. I don’t want 12 versions, I just want to be able to look back in the history and see any changes. And that was just impossible to find. But Concord has it, and it’s great.

We also needed file management. This is one thing Concord has that never had. Concord allows us to organize our files basically, so we don’t have to have everything dumped into one place. It’s easier to see and more organized now then what we were used to. So that’s been great.

Another thing that’s been great is to be able to do some workflow management and have easily accessible templates. And have it be affordable, it’s totally worth the charge and basically it has everything we want without being crazy expensive. And those companies that were crazy expensive didn’t even have everything we want.


How do you like the UI?

Yes, it’s beautiful, which is very important to us. It’s really sad to us to try to work with clients, especially for us in the technology industry, to use a service that doesn’t look good. And Concord looks nice and people feel good about it. It’s professional without being stodgy and it works. It’s appealing.

Overall we have been super pleased. One thing we look for in a service like yours is great customer support. And with you guys I can hear back really quickly when I have a question. That is the same reason we have have stuck with Freshbooks for 7 years. We can call at any time and and that makes a huge huge difference. It’s worth more money, it’s worth everything. We have already written blogs about you guys, I mean we love it.