Concord Releases the Best Search Engine Available for Contracts

Concord unveils new partnership with Algolia to bring unparalleled search capability to contract management

Concord, is pleased to announce it has just released the market’s best, most powerful search engine for contracts through a new partnership with Algolia.

Algolia, one of the fasted web search products available, offers fast and thorough search results, for maximum search speed and accuracy. This search feature also comes standard as part of all Concord’s plans, including the free version.

“We chose to partner with Algolia because of their unique architecture and consistently fast and thorough results. We wanted to offer Concord users the best search capability available,” said Matt Lhoumeau, Concord’s CEO. Concord users now will see huge search advancements in the following areas:


Search Results in Less than 71 Milliseconds

With our new Search Engine, searching for and through a contract takes a matter of milliseconds, with 99% of searches requiring less than 71 milliseconds to call up results.

Our users can now find any piece of information, whether it be a document title or a specific word or phrase within a document, almost instantly, enabling businesses to stay connected to their contracts with greater ease and speed than ever before.

Concord search screen with new Algolia search engine

Full-Text Search

With this feature, our users can search through a document’s entire content, as well as document title & description, tags, and other metadata.

This feature will comb over all types of documents, including documents drafted directly within the platform, documents uploaded from Word and text PDFs, and can be accessed from the Concord inbox screen with a single click.

Instant “Google-Like” Search

Like Google’s search engine, Agolia search will call up results incrementally, in real-time, as a phrase is being typed, providing a list of results that matches or approximates the complete or partially complete phrase. It will even auto-correct for typos, providing results that closely match the misspelled word.

About Concord

We’re committed to making sure that no one will have to manage a contracts manually ever again and provide many key high-performance features for free — to everyone.

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