Dreamforce Recap

Four days of technology, innovation, demos, and talking contracts. Here’s our recap of Concord’s time at Dreamforce 2017.

“Business is the greatest platform for change. What can we do to make the world better?” Marc Benioff

Innovation, equality, and impact were all central themes at Dreamforce this year. The influence and expansive reach of technology was wildly apparent—from the Customer Success Expo hall to the Dreampitch candidates presenting for the chance to win an investment from Salesforce Ventures. At the Expo this year hundreds of innovative companies gathered with one simple focus: making people’s lives easier. Adding to the chorus, Travis Bickham, VP of Marketing at Concord, spoke about how Sales can never miss a deal again, highlighting a new Concord Salesforce integration that enables sales teams to create and generate a contract, request a signature, and see the contract status directly from the opportunity. (More on this to come!)

Filled with a star-studded lineup, including Michelle Obama, Natalie Portman, and Ashton Kutcher—each speaker had a cause that they shared, whether it was fighting sex trafficking through technology or working for equal pay rights, and gave insights into how technology helped advance their goals. Marc Benioff spoke about the current state of the fourth industrial revolution, the way we can use technology to bring good to the world at large, and Salesforce’s continued commitment to donating 1 percent of time, equity, and products to good causes like the aforementioned.

Salesforce is a prime example of the way of technology can influence our lives. Beginning as a way for businesses to better manage customer relationships it is now synonymous with innovation and disruption, influencing change on a global scale.

We’re thrilled to join Salesforce in our commitment to make the world a better place, both through the product that we create and within our community. We can’t wait to see everyone again at Dreamforce next year!