Earth Day: A Paperless World

Earth day is all about being cognizant of the resources we have and how we use them. How can an organization make business process friendlier to the earth and go completely paperless?

Imagine it now: trees growing, recycled products the only paper in sight, and an environment that is healthy and thriving. In preparation for this Earth Day, that’s what Concord is on a mission to help businesses do: work faster and smarter all while being kind to the earth.

Going digital is a smart choice for businesses. Besides the risk of natural disasters or break-ins creating security issues, working in the cloud is a simpler way to get business done. Instead of sifting through pages and pages of unnecessary printed documents, a few clicks can pull up the exact clause or phrase necessary. Only the people who need access have access, and the risk of unnecessary eyes seeing a contract is minimal as editing, e-signature, and approvals are all within the platform.

Even with most processes being digital in the modern business world, organizations still use huge amounts of paper, spending billions of dollars. The U.S. alone uses around 68 million trees every year for paper products, with each individual using about 10,000 sheets, or a 100-foot Douglas fir tree. Some of this material is recycled; some is not. And while some big businesses have committed to becoming more environmentally friendly, there are many who are still not mindful of how their product usage can impact the world around us. Simply educating oneself on how many resources an organization as a whole uses can be astounding and create change from the inside out.

Contracts are often one of the last manual processes in a company. It’s surprising how many businesses still work completely from paper documents, and even if the final contract is digitized, the first drafts often begin on paper. Not only does this slow down the speed at which deals can be created and signed, but it uses unnecessary resources and budget through paper and printing costs. Going digital makes sense for companies both environmentally and financially, making it a smart decision for C-suite executives who want to increase a company’s positive image in the world while increasing revenue at the same time.

Individuals and organizations around the world alike are seeking to become more aware of their impact on the environment and reduce it wherever possible. The first step towards change is looking at the statistics behind not only how much a business uses, but what the small steps that can be done to improve it are. Every tree starts as a seed, and every environmental revolution begins with a single person deciding to make a change. This Earth Day, begin your organization’s transformation into a greener, cleaner company through a contract lifecycle management platform that will increase speed, maintain compliance, scale with a business’ growth, and most importantly, be good to the earth through digital innovation.