How to Increase Adoption for Your Contract Management Platform

As with all new tools, ensuring a contract management platform is being used to the fullest of its ability is essential for success. Here are ways to increase adoption before, during, and after the implementation process.

Choose carefully.

Before implementation starts, it’s important to ensure the right decision is being made. Talking to daily users as well as an executive team will provide a full perspective both of the essential, day-to-day features necessary as well as the overall business process changes that need to be made. Researching a variety of options, seeing multiple platforms, and building out a long-term plan for what the tool should accomplish will all assist in the right decision being made.

Another helpful tool? The Complete Contract Management Solution Buyer’s Guide is a thorough, comprehensive overview of what any organization should be looking for as they begin the search. It includes a CMS vs. CLM comparison, essential questions to ask throughout the process, a CLM platform evaluation checklist, and much more that will help companies make a well-informed decision.

Build a plan.

From the moment a decision is made—or even sooner—creating a plan for the platform is critical for its success. Determining who the executive sponsor will be, which teams will be using the tool, who owns the process, and what training will look like, among many other things, will help form a strategy.

Training is a key part of building a plan—and ensuring training is personally adapted to the teams. Users should get a picture of how daily use will look and how the tool will become a part of the routine. Making worthwhile, interesting training that provides a high level of value not only helps teams to be more educated and engaged, but enthusiastic about the new tool.

Form a feedback loop and follow up with the team.

After training is done and the platform is in daily use, a consistent way to ensure adoption remains consistent is opening up the lines of communication. As users start to put the platform to use beyond training, unexpected questions can arise or further training around certain features are necessary. Keeping the feedback consistent helps alleviate any issues so they don’t decrease adoption.

Increasing adoption begins with process, but employees play a key role in continuing that adoption. Stay tuned for part two this Thursday when we look at how to get employee buy-in for a platform.

Want to learn more about implementing a contract management platform and managing the process throughout training and beyond? Our Essential Guide for Implementation and Change Management is coming soon—including tips for making implementation run smoothly and what implementation with Concord looks like. Keep an eye on our blog in the next week for the official release!