News Roundup: The Latest in Tech

By Concord Editorial   Oct 26, 2018
News roundup with a stack of newspapers

Major tech companies are making breakthroughs in automation that will change the way people live, work, eat, and more.

Amazon Go expands to San Francisco, with one store open and another coming soon

The first Amazon Go store opened in 2016—no cashiers, no checking out, just walking out. This week, San Francisco joined Seattle and Chicago with their first location in the Financial District. This opening is the sixth location in the U.S, with another San Francisco store planned for launch later in the winter, bringing the total number of Amazon Go stores that are either open or announced up to nine. According to some reports, Amazon is considering opening around 3,000 stores in the next three years.

The stores use a combination of technology types that they cite as being similar to self-driving car technology along with weight sensors. Customers walk in by scanning their app at a set of gates near the front door, pick out whatever items they choose, then simply walk out. Even with a brief explanation of the technology behind it, many customers are questioning how it’s possible.

Even though the experience may seem unusual, it simplifies and streamlines the shopping process. As businesses continue to try and figure out how to reinvent experiences for customers, Amazon Go is just one step forward into the future.

Elon Musk Announces Hyperloop Test Tunnel Opening Date

The Boring Co. has never been shy about their vision for changing the future of public transportation. Elon Musk’s company just announced the opening of a Hyperloop test tunnel in the Los Angeles area. Musk tweeted earlier this week that the first tunnel was almost done and would be opening on December 10, with free rides for the public the following day.

The Boring Co. has lofty plans for transportation—from a system that goes from LA to SF in 30 minutes to express services from O’Hare airport to Chicago’s downtown area. As the plans for the Boring Co. begin to expand, especially in larger cities, the way people move around from place to place will drastically change as technology continues to improve construction and transit.

Uber Plans To Launch Food-Delivery Drones

As people rethink their own transport, the way their food travels is changing alongside it. Reports came out recently that Uber plans to launch a food-delivery drone service before 2021. UberEats uses Uber’s platform to deliver food from restaurants to consumers. Uber has been one of the leaders in the self-driving car initiative, and as they look to streamline and automate other areas of business, drones have become a stronger solution for their food sector.

Uber’s business model has been transforming for years now, with their current drivers and delivery informing data that will eventually help power the self-driving cars and drones. As people’s habits change—from how they grocery shop to how they get around town—Uber is changing as well to reimagine all the ways people can get food.

Tech companies have long scrutinized people’s lifestyles to find out how they can be improved. From Amazon Go to Uber, society is well on its way towards a new style of living and working.

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