News Roundup: Legal Creativity and Innovation

By Concord Editorial   Aug 24, 2018
News roundup with a stack of newspapers

From a general counsel’s regular legal pad sketches to the importance of creativity, the legal profession has a unique correlation to the creative right brain.

Right Brain Lawyering: Attorneys And The Importance Of Art

The profession of being a lawyer is often logical, analytical, or research-heavy. Yet many lawyers find that creative outlets not only help them relieve stress but also enhance their legal processes. Exercising a side of the brain that is not normally used in one’s work can help new insights about clients or a particular project arise. As there continues to be a growing awareness of mindfulness and decreasing stress in the workplace, Legal is no different. Part of working faster to keep up with the current pace of business involves being smarter about how to do that work, and Legal’s move towards creativity is just the beginning.

Is Singapore the Next Center for Legal Innovation?

Singapore’s government is looking to encourage legal innovation by pushing over $13 billion dollars into research, in addition to over $100 million specifically focused on artificial intelligence innovation. Ultimately, the final goal is to make Singapore a tech hub that is focused especially on Legal, but building the ecosystem around that concept is the first step. While market demand has a significant impact on the final outcome, having the external support helps. Whether or not this initiative will indeed move Singapore’s business innovation forward still remains to be seen, but the government programs in place are setting the scene for success.

Adapting To The Changing Legal Landscape: Notes to my (legal) self.

Olga Mack’s regular series, Notes to my (legal) self, shows quick sketches of her thoughts on the present state of the legal industry, ranging from humorous to thought-provoking. This week, the series shows the differences in Legal 20 years ago versus present day. A “snapshot” of her legal pad shows the complexity of how the legal profession has expanded over time, from the varying sizes of law firms to the legal technology in place today. Mack’s sketches in Above the Law provide a place for reflection not only on Legal, but the changing face of business as a whole.

Whether it’s a quick look into the mind of a legal leader or a deep study into where the next big thing in Legal will come from, Legal continues to keep up and innovate with the increasing pace of business in the world today.

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