News Roundup: Technology and Planning

By Concord Editorial   Jul 6, 2018
News roundup with a stack of newspapers

This week’s news roundup is going digital with two podcasts and one video—all focused on technology and planning.

How to Build a Smart City

Urbanization is on the rise. As cities try to prepare for what comes next, retrofitting old structures is no easy task. One man, Dan Doctoroff, who helped revitalize New York City, is now the CEO of a startup leading the charge for modernization to build cities of the future.

Doctoroff talks about how technology and innovation has the power to positively impact cities. His Google-backed company, Sidewalk Labs, is working in Toronto to transform districts into sustainable, affordable, accessible, well-designed, and community-focused spaces. As technology becomes more prevalent in all areas of business, a new initiative is rising to extend this technology into planning as well.

Brazil’s empty $300 million World Cup stadium

As Sidewalk Labs is looking ahead to urban planning and growth, many countries are feeling the repercussions of past poorly planned development. Brazil’s 2014 World Cup stadium, the Arena de Amazonia, was only used for four matches during the event, as well as a few matches during the 2016 Olympics. Now the stadium, which is located in the middle of a remote, difficult to access area of the Amazon, is mostly unused. The operating costs of the structure have surpassed the revenue it brings in from the few local events it has.

The economic opportunity is often a huge draw for countries to host such large events, but the waste and cost afterwards is only more recently coming into focus. As the ability to plan and develop expands with the use of technology, countries have the opportunity to operate similar to businesses by weighing costs and benefits while using technology and innovation to ensure their investments don’t go to waste.

Legal Ops Rising Podcast

Legal Ops Rising is a podcast focusing on people in the legal operations and services space who are innovation leaders in their industry. Earlier this year, Susan Packal, the Director of Legal Operations and Chief of Staff at eBay spoke to them about her experience in legal operations —from a cross-country move to Silicon Valley to the legal tech she’s looking at building out for her team. Interestingly enough, she cited contract management as some of the most outdated technology in the modern age and something essential to expand for a legal ops team to be successful.

Focusing on legal technology initiatives is a huge conversation in the legal operations space. As teams work towards becoming more efficient while keeping high standards of compliance, more often than not, technology is the answer.

In both growth in cities and growth in legal operations teams, technology is increasingly a focus as businesses and people alike work to become faster and smarter workers. Whether it’s city permits and contractor agreements to legal documents, having a contract management platform in place will streamline workflows and make processes more efficient.

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