Scaling Sales and Dreamforce 2017

How can a good contract management system help a sales team close faster? We’ll take a look at some reasons, and share some exciting news about Dreamforce 2017!

In smaller companies, it’s usually pretty simple to manage contracts. The legal team and executives are closely involved, and things move quickly due to the needs and abilities of a smaller business. Once a company begins to grow, however, often contracts are one of the first things that begin to lag. More time passes between a verbal agreement and the actual signing date. Sure, executives may not be hands-on in all contracts anymore, but that doesn’t mean things don’t need to move just as quickly, especially close to quarter-end and other deadlines. If your sales team is full of all-stars, you know they’re working hard. So why is time still an issue?

When you look at the sales velocity calculation, often the difference between smaller companies versus larger ones is the growth of time between proposal and signing. This is where a contract management system comes into play.

To truly utilize all the features of a contract management system, you want something that will plug into your CRM, like Salesforce. Having people and documents in one central location will streamline the process, allowing your sales team to move faster.

Concord understands what speed and reliability mean for sales teams. Our platform is built to be scalable and make contracts happen more efficiently with all the tools you need to help your clients get to the point of signature with complete confidence.

We know the power Concord has for sales teams, especially when it collaborates with other platforms. Salesforce is one of our most exciting and useful plugins, which is why we’re thrilled to announce that we’re at Dreamforce 2017! As one of the biggest Bay Area events of the year, we’ve joined the likes of Michelle Obama, Ashton Kutcher, and of course, Marc Benioff, for four days of innovation and fun.

We’re set up at booth #1956 in the expo hall with swag and smiling faces, and we love meeting people. We want to hear about what you need in a contract management platform, or if you’re already using Concord, what you love about it. Stop by to grab a t-shirt, learn more about our product, or just say hi.

More exciting news about Salesforce is coming up, so stay tuned!