What’s the Scariest Part of Implementing a Contract Management Platform?

Happy Halloween! On one of the scariest days of the year, we’re going to look at some of the most frightening parts of implementing a contract management platform.

Timing can play a large part into why people get the heebie jeebies when implementing a contract management platform. Many systems have a long implementation period, sometimes even up to six months or a year. When contracts are a part of your day-to-day business, a six-month implementation means a major obstruction in your ability to work fast, and continued frustration with software that is supposed to be solving your problems. A few months in, if you’re seeing red flags, you’re already too invested to back out. Implementation should happen within a matter of weeks, not months. Your users should be on the platform as soon as possible to increase excitement about the new process and adoption of the tool.

Another frightful factor that can arise when companies implement contract management systems is usability. Sure, you saw the demos and reviewed the platform during the sales cycle, but what about updates and special features that have come out since then? Often the promises made before a purchase seem to change once the product is being implemented. Plus, with technology moving at such a quick rate with new offerings and improvements, certain aspects can feel foreign once you actually dive into the product, even if you’ve gone through multiple demos. Even a slight UX change can mean confusion about where things are or how they work. This can be a huge concern for companies, especially when it ties back to timing. Not understanding parts of the process leads to more frustration and less usage of the product.

It’s important to make sure your contract management software not only already has a good UX, but has a team that is committed to continuously making the product easier to use and who understands your needs as a customer. Follow-up about any changes is vital to your success with a contract management platform.

Finally, training can seem like a monster as you approach a platform launch. How will teams get ramped up fast? What if there are questions post-launch? And what about those new UX changes that can lead to usability issues? You should be partnered closely with a customer success manager to make sure all of your questions are answered not only during the implementation, but after it as well. Having an open line of communication is the difference between a product changing the way you work or simply falling by the wayside in your toolbox of products.

Back to the horrors of Halloween, there’s nothing scary about implementing Concord. Our implementation times are in days and weeks, not months and years. We offer consistent UX features and open lines of communication around our changes, as well as a stellar customer success team that is here to walk you through every aspect of our platform both during and after implementation. If you’re in the midst of struggling through a terrifying implementation or simply on the lookout for a way to avoid the spookiness altogether, Concord is here to walk you through the process and make sure you achieve success in your contract management.