Things We’re Thankful For: Concord Edition

It’s almost Thanksgiving, and we’re thankful for many things at Concord. We have an incredible product, outstanding employees, and an exciting year ahead. As the holiday season begins, we took some time to look back at the things we’re most thankful for this past year.

Here at Concord, we have a lot to be thankful for. We’re thrilled this year to be rolling out many new improvements and additions to our platform. Here are a few of our latest updates that we’re most thankful for:

OCR recognition

We rolled out our new Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology. On legacy contract management systems, importing old contracts meant they couldn’t be edited and weren’t easily searchable. Because of this, switching to a contract management platform could be an ordeal when it came to legacy documents. With OCR, there’s no hassle or ambiguity. OCR scans each letter of a document and turns it into an image, which is then organized with other images to form words, sentences, and finally, the entire document in its original order. With this technology, you can find specific clauses or words within a contract and copy those selections to use in other contracts. This not only saves time, but provides visibility into the entire contract history, allowing you to recognize opportunities and areas for growth.

A simple, modern, easy-to-use UX

Nothing new here, but we’re thankful for the ongoing feedback loop with customers and prospects to constantly hone the Concord platform. Our designers are always working towards creating the best tools to help you understand and be fully up to speed on our platform more quickly. Throughout implementation, our customer success team will walks customers through these processes using relevant business cases and personalized demos, making training and time to use even faster.

A Salesforce integration

At Dreamforce, Concord unveiled an updated, Lightning-ready integration with Salesforce. This integration makes sales and legal teams allies in revenue generation. Sales teams are able to create a contract directly from an opportunity in Salesforce, and Legal doesn’t have to constantly verify that sales teams have the most updated templates or go back and forth multiple times on redlining via email and Word.

These additions and many more make now one of the best times to implement a contract management platform. Part of Concord’s mission is to be constantly improving and at the forefront of technology. We’re thankful for how far we’ve come and where we plan to go. From all of us at Concord, have a happy Thanksgiving.

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