The Epic List of Free Tools for Business Productivity

Doing business in today’s fast-paced environment is difficult enough, so take advantage of the many free productivity tools available. Whether you’re a business owner, sales professional, freelancer, or procurement professional, there are free tools available online that will make your life easier.

We’ve searched the Internet to come up with the ultimate list of free productivity tools, and then grouped them into sections so you can find the tools that will best help you with your tasks.

Free Email Tools

Email is a critical function no matter what type of business you’re in, or what role you play in that business. Here’s a list of great tools that will help you use your inbox more efficiently. Some of the tools listed below perform the same tasks, but one might work better for you than another.

  • Boomerang for Gmail: This helpful app is a Chrome plugin that has multiple uses that will make your email system more efficient. For starters, it allows you to write emails and schedule them to be sent when the time is right. This is handy for people who work late at night catching up on emails, and don’t want the recipients to see a 3 a.m. time stamp. The app also allows you to set up reminders for important emails you need to follow up on.
  • Contactmonkey: If you use Gmail or Outlook, Contactmonkey is a read receipt add-on that’s free for basic features on a limited bases. It also offers paid plans that provide connectivity to Salesforce. Contactmonkey doesn’t require the recipient to be notified that a read receipt is attached to the email, so there’s no opting out of sending the receipt. In addition, you’ll receive notifications in real time, and have access to a dashboard where you can create prioritized call back lists as well as see which subject lines and links performed best.
  • Mailtrack: If you use Gmail, Mailtrack is a great add-on that allows you to see when your sent emails have been read. It operates with a checkmark system—one check means the email has been sent using Mailtrack, and a double check appears when it’s been read. Instant notification is sent in the form of a pop-up on your taskbar as soon as an email is opened.
  • Rapportive: If you’re in sales, it’s important to establish a rapport with buyers to improve your chances of closing the deal. Rapportive is a Gmail add-on that shows you information about your contacts including their photo, location, job title, and social media links. It also allows you to connect on LinkedIn and see shared connections via your inbox.
  • Streak: With this Gmail add-on, you’ll be able to insert saved blocks of text, send multiple personalized emails at one time, see when an email has been opened, and clear your inbox of messages you need to take action on by scheduling a reminder.

Free Social Media Tools

If you have a business to promote, chances are social media is a big part of your day. In fact, according to Social Media Examiner, 36% of marketers spend about 11 hours a week on social media, and 62% spend more than 6 hours a week on the task.

Free up some of those hours you’d normally spend tending to your social media platforms by putting free apps to work for you. Here are some interesting tools to help you manage social media.

  • Infographics go a long way in getting social attention and shares, but creating them can be a daunting challenge.’s templates and online tool help you create infographics your fans will share widely.
  • Headline Analyzer: If you use blog posts on social media, the headlines you use will make the difference on whether or not they are shared. Headline Analyzer will analyze your headline and issue a report about it, providing a score and tips for improvement.
  • Newsle: This app allows you to conduct business intelligence by sending you an alert whenever someone in your social network makes the news. This gives you a reason to reach out to acquaintances and congratulate them when they receive publicity. Newsle is now part of LinkedIn, so you can sign up via your account.
  • NutShellMail: This is a great time-saver because it keeps track of all your company’s social media activity and delivers it to your inbox on a schedule you create. NutShellMail allows you to stay on top of your brand by regularly viewing the relevant social exchanges.
  • Twitter Audit: Have you ever wondered how many of your Twitter fans are fake? Simply plug your twitter screen name into this app and get an audit report.

Free Tools for Sales

It can be difficult to juggle appointments, prospects, sales contracts, and everything else salespeople have to manage. Luckily, there are a few apps that help you stay organized.

  • LinkedIn Advanced Search: Studies have shown that LinkedIn is important for B2B sellers and you can get even more use from the site by using its advanced search feature. It will allow you to use keywords, title, industry, location, or relationships to search for prospects.
  • Charlie: If you want to be up-to-date when meeting with a prospect, connect Charlie to your Google calendar and social networks. You’ll be sent a one-page report that highlights their recent activity. This will allow you to stand out from the competition because you’ll be able to talk about what matters most to the buyer.
  • Insightly: Customer relationship management systems are important in the life of salespeople. Insightly offers a free CRM subscription that’s good for 2 users, 2,500 records, and 200 MB of storage.
  • Sales Tracking Calendar: This mobile app acts as a daily and weekly calendar. In addition, it tracks your sales activity and calculates your closing ratios, pipelines, and your objectives.

Free Tools for Time Management and Productivity

Time management is an important element in productivity, and luckily there are plenty of terrific tools to help you manage yours. Here are some of the available free tools.

  • Concord: You didn’t think we’d leave out our contracts management system, did you? With it, you can draft, negotiate, e-sign, and manage contracts online; which will not only save time, but also drastically increase your productivity.
  • Evernote: This tool allows you to write notes and organize them. They can be synchronized and accessed on your computer or phone. You can even share your notes with others.
  • Slack: When you’re working in a team, it’s sometimes faster to send a real time message via an application, rather than sending an email, calling, or talking face-to-face. Slack lets you send messages directly to someone or a group. You can set different channels for each topic of conversation.
  • Rescue Time: If you often feel as if you’re spinning your wheels at work, it might be because you’re unaware of certain “time thieves.” Rescue Time solves that problem by allowing you to set time goals and then get daily reports showing how you used your time. It tracks your online behavior, as well as the applications you work in on your computer.

Why not use some of the helpful free tools listed above to increase your productivity? If you know of any free tools that we missed, tell us about them in the comments below!