Tips for Organizing Access to Documents

By Concord Editorial   Feb 18, 2022
organizing access to documents

By storing your company’s documents in Concord’s centralized database, your team can securely access the documents they need to get their job done efficiently.


1 – File your Documents in Folders:

Folders are used to permit user access to specific documents within Concord. An effective Folder structure will help keep documents organized and ensure correct document access and permissions. This helps maintain compliance across your organization and increases productivity and efficiency. For example, organize our Folders by department, team, or document type.

effective Folder structure

Ready to start filing? Read our article about creating and managing folders on Concord.

2 – Automate your filing process with Templates:

Any fully Signed agreement that is started from a Template stored in a shared folder becomes instantly accessible to all assigned users and teams. Additionally, you can share templates directly with users and teams who are not shared to folders to minimize access to fully executed agreements as needed.

Ready to start templatizing your documents? Read our article about creating and managing Templates to learn more.


3 – Organize your Users into Teams:

Concord’s ‘Teams’ feature allows you to group like-type users for ease of sharing folders or individual Signed documents.

sharing folders

Ready to start organizing your users into teams? Read our article about adding and managing Team Settings to learn more.

4 – Turn on ‘Administrator Access’

Activating the Administrator Access feature is a great way to ensure key team members never lose visibility into your documents. Once Administrator Access is activated in your Company’s Preferences Settings page, users with ‘Administrator Access’ activated in their user role can view AND join all non-draft documents in the company account, regardless of the folder the document is filed in.

Admin Access

Read our article about Administrator Access & Oversight to learn more.


Bonus TipsBonus Tip

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