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By Concord Editorial   Dec 17, 2020
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From esignature tools to tracking contract obligations, the options for a contract management system can be complex.

Before diving in, consider your company’s must-haves and nice-to-haves for your business needs today and in the future. Are you looking to have a simple way to create an electronic signature, or do you need a complete contract lifecycle management system that could grow with your company? Which teams will need access?

DocuSign can be a good first step when looking for an esignature company. Their plans make it an easy way to get started.

But DocuSign isn’t the only business that offers esignatures or even contract management software.

In this post, we’ll provide 5 alternatives to DocuSign, to help you narrow down what’s most important.

1. Concord


Cost: Concord offers a free plan and 3 paid packages for contract management. All plans include unlimited free esignatures, unlimited contract storage, unlimited viewers, and unlimited guests.

Standard Pro Enterprise
$339/mo for first 5 users; $17/mo/additional user $419/mo for first 5 users; $34/mo/additional user Custom pricing solutions
-Online redlining
-Versioning & audit trail
-Deadline reminders
-Bulk upload legacy documents
-Bulk send
-Amendment management
Everything in Standard plus:

-Approval workflows
-Customized reports
-Integrations with Salesforce, Google Drive, Box, and Dropbox
-Open API

Everything in Pro plus:

-Clause library
-Custom branding
-Subsidiary management

Free plan/free trial: Yes, a free plan for up to 3 users and a free trial

Native, free esignature: Yes, unlimited free esignatures with every free and paid plan

Salesforce, GDrive, Box, and Dropbox Integrations: Yes, plus an open API to integrate with any other tool


Concord’s all-in-one contract management system means every team across your organization — Legal, Sales, Procurement, HR, etc. — needs only one tool to create, edit, esign, and manage all contracts.

Many contract management systems are complex and require a lengthy implementation. Concord was designed to be used out-of-the-box, which means it’s straightforward enough to use with little-to-no training. After all, if a system is too complex, no one will use it.

Concord is the best contract management software for teams who want:

2. HelloSign


Cost: $15/mo for the Essentials plan and $40/mo for the Business plan when paid annually.

Free plan/free trial: Yes free plan and free trial for 30 days

Native esignature options: Yes, unlimited esignatures for paid plans; free plan is limited

Salesforce, GDrive, Box, and Dropbox Integrations: Yes


HelloSign works well if you need a quick esignature on a document. And it can be used across industries.

Like Concord, HelloSign integrates with Google Drive, Box, and Dropbox, which makes it easy to store backups if needed. Also like Concord, HelloSign offers templates, the ability to bulk send documents, and an audit trail.

HelloSign focuses solely on esignatures, not on contract lifecycle management, and offers different plans depending on your needs. You will need to pay extra for their API plan to integrate HelloSign into your website or application.

3. PandaDoc


Cost: $19/mo/user for the Essentials plan and $49/mo/user for the Business plan when paid annually.

Free plan/free trial: Yes free plan and free trial for 14 days

Native esignature: Yes, unlimited esignatures for all free and paid plans

Salesforce, GDrive, Box, and Dropbox Integrations: Yes


PandaDoc is built for sales teams to easily create and send sales proposals. So, if you need a tool that will help you create custom proposals or an interactive quote, PandaDoc would be a good place to start.

Like Concord, PandaDoc offers unlimited esignature, the ability to chat with counterparties on a document, and a Salesforce integration.

Unlike Concord, PandaDoc does not offer the ability to bulk send multiple documents to multiple different people or redline a contract.

When looking at PandaDoc, consider your contract negotiation process. PandaDoc may not be the best solution if you’d like to redline a contract online and take your contract negotiation and collaboration out of your inbox and onto your document.

4. Agiloft


Cost: Contact sales

Free plan/free trial: Free plan

Native esignature: No

Salesforce, GDrive, Box, and Dropbox Integrations: Yes: Salesforce and GDrive; No: Box and Dropbox


Agiloft is contract management software for enterprise customers. Their CLM system offers deep functionality and requires deep customization.

Like Concord, Agiloft offers an audit trail, clause library, renewal alerts, and role-based permissions.

Unlike Concord, Agiloft keeps all comments and chats in a separate part of the system, and does not offer a simple integration to send signed contracts to Google Drive, Box, or Dropbox.

Agiloft is completely customizable. The implementation can be long, sometimes up to a year, but you come out of it with a contract management system that is built specifically for your organization’s unique needs. If you need a complex solution to your contract management, Agiloft could help. Additionally, while Agiloft integrates with several esignature providers, it does not offer a native esignature option. You’ll need to pay for esignatures when using Agiloft.

5. Conga Contracts


Cost: Contact sales

Free plan/free trial: No

Native esignature: No

Salesforce, GDrive, Box, and Dropbox Integrations: Yes: Salesforce. No: GDrive, Box, and Dropbox


Conga Contracts is part of the Conga suite of products. Conga offers complete contract management software, but requires you to pick and choose from their multiple product lines — Conga Documents, Conga Contracts, Conga Sign, and Conga Insights all offer something different, and picking the right mix requires a conversation with their sales team to navigate their offerings and get started.

Like Concord, Conga Contracts offers a secure contract repository, templates, automated approvals, and a clause library. Unlike Concord, Conga Contracts doesn’t have a full audit trail or integrate with Google Drive, Box, or Dropbox. To access a complete audit trail, you’ll need to purchase Conga Sign separately.

Conga Contracts complexity means it may require a significant time commitment to get started. Also, their approval workflow tool — Flow — requires some programming product knowledge.

What tool is right for you?

There are a lot of options when considering contract management software. Do you only need a way to digitally sign a contract and then securely store them in a contract repository? Or a way to simplify the contract negotiation process and do away with the hundreds of emails that clutter your inbox? Hopefully this guide of the Top 5 Best Alternatives to DocuSign helps you pick the best tool for your project.

Concord offers a free trial and you can sign up any time to give it a try. With tools designed for LegalSalesProcurementHR, teams, you may wonder why it took so long to get started.

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