New to Concord: Updated Signature Experience

By Concord Editorial   Mar 31, 2021

Anyone who has ever had to sign a paper document, scan, and email it knows the frustration of a manual, wet signature process.

E-signing documents on Concord allows you to quickly sign any document from anywhere, and helps you to: 

  • Sign documents faster, by automating the signature process;
  • Improve compliance, by ensuring everyone signs in the right order; and
  • Increase efficiency, by signing from anywhere

Here’s how it works

Let’s say you’re setting up a new contract to be signed on Concord.

Concord’s new signature panel makes it easy to set up and arrange all signers before sharing your document. Simply add the email address of anyone who needs to sign, even if you haven’t previously invited them to the document. If you’re not sure who needs to sign, set a placeholder for any “internal user” or “external guest” to fill out later.

You can now designate a specific signing order, by using the new “signing order” advanced option to rearrange names. If your company policy states that a specific person needs to sign first or last, for example, Concord helps ensure you follow that process.

After you’ve set up and arranged all signers, simply “request signature” and Concord notifies your signer it’s time to sign.

What happens if I sign my documents outside of Concord?

We’ve got you covered.

Now, with one click of a button, you can finalize all signatures on your document — even documents signed outside of Concord with other e-signature tools.

So if you have legacy contracts that have been wet signed, or documents that have been signed using another e-signature tool, you won’t have to have them e-signed again in Concord to take advantage of Concord’s contract management tools, like deadline alerts, reporting, and a single source-of-truth for all your contracts.

Coming soon — more automation!

Later this spring, more advanced automation is coming to the e-signature experience on Concord.

Soon, you will be able to automatically request a signature from the next signer in the queue, so you don’t need to manually track signatures.

And, you’ll never have to remind someone to sign with scheduled auto-reminders sent via email.

For more information on how to configure signers on Concord, please watch the video below:

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