Concord – April ’22 Update: Drag and drop, Zapier integration, new signer blocks, and more.

By Concord Editorial   Mar 21, 2022
Last update: May 15, 2023

On April 26th, Concord’s Update will go live. Announced 6 months ago, dozens of new features and improvements will empower you to do even more with your contracts. This update is automatic, free, and 100% compatible with your existing documents, data, and flows.


How to get the update – Concord takes care of everything!

No action needed – it’s automatic

  • No download or manual update needed
  • No action needed from admins or users

No change on your documents, data, or flows

  • 100% compatible with any existing document or data
  • No change in your workflows

Use new features – or work like before!

  • Choose to use – or not – some new features (signer fields, pre-signing…)


Feature Updates – Document Interface

New Side Panels

New Side Panels

Organize your own view

  • Dedicated panels for Summary sheet, Signers, Discussion, Approvals, Audit trail & Fields
  • Open, close or switch between panels seamlessly

Increased clarity and space

  • Redesigned tabs to improve readability
  • Increased vertical space to see more instantly


All panels work exactly like before

drag and drop

Field Drag & Drop

Drag fields anywhere in your document

  • Available for Live mode: Signer, Standard & Smart fields
  • Available for Word/PDF mode: Signer & Text fields
  • Coming Soon: Clause library, Salesforce, Excel fields…

Easily see who is assigned to a field

  • Select an assignee, then drag-in all their fields
  • In Edit more, each assignee has a different color
  • In View mode, see your available fields in yellow

Configure each field the way you want

  • Describe a field’s purpose using placeholder text
  • Choose whether a field is required (default) or optional
  • Reassign fields to other users

improved comments

Improved commenting

Always see all comments & track changes

  • Comments & track changes are now always visible on the right, like Word or Google Docs
  • Choose to focus on and expand specific comments

Increased discoverability & clarity

  • New, more prominent “Add a comment” button
  • Clearer comment visibility (internal only or public)
  • Improved contrast between added and deleted text

These improvements will be applied to existing comments and track changes

Like now, switch Track changes on or off and approve/reject all changes at once

improved guidance

Improved Guidance

Improved “to do list” on the left

  • See what actions still need to be completed (fields, approval, signature…)
  • Quick access to many actions (Request signature, see approval…)

New suggested actions

  • Guidance on newly created documents to add signers and optionally add fields and approvals

Feature Updates – Signing

New Signer Fields

signer fields
New Name, Company, Title & Signature fields

  • Add fields as needed – only a signature field is required for each signer
  • Fields are auto-filled for users when possible
  • Signed date is auto-added for each signature field

Build your signature blocks, or let Concord do it

  • Use tables to arrange signer fields perfectly…
  • or use Concord’s pre-set blocks to avoid adding fields,
  • … or do both! You can use both in the same document.

No need to reconfigure existing documents

  • Existing documents will keep using pre-set blocks, so you don’t have to add any fields. Deactivate blocks in one click.
  • New documents: pre-set blocks are deactivated by default. Activate them in one click.

presign fields

Approve or sign now, even with empty fields

Act now, and let others fill out fields later

  • You choose: start approving or signing now to expedite your signature process, or wait for all fields to be filled
  • To avoid oversights, Concord shows which fields are still empty and who is assigned to them

Your previous edits are safe

  • Once you approve or sign, the document content and all completed fields are locked and cannot be modified
  • Subsequent participants can only fill empty fields – that’s it

A document can’t be finalized with a missing field

  • The final signature cannot be collected if a required field remains unfilled. Concord warns you automatically when fields are empty

New Signature Certificate

Simplify your compliance requirements

  • Available on Export > Download Signature Certificate
  • Includes audit trail, events, document ID, and other technical information in a single PDF

Available for all documents signed on Concord, even those signed before the release
Like before, the signed PDF itself is sufficient as legal proof. This certificate just facilitates additional compliance requirements

Improved Email Deliverability

Reduced chance of spam

  • Rebuilt email flow and brand new email service
  • Reduce rate of Concord emails being marked as spam, including the invitation to join email

Increased email security

  • Many behind-the-scene improvements were made to increase the security of sent emails

No visual or content changes to any email
The direct link to share a document is still available

Feature Updates – Integrations

New Integration Options

Revamped page, accessible from the home

  • Find all available integrations and documentation in one place: API, Salesforce, Zapier, etc.
  • Turn on/off integrations in one click

New SSO options – Enterprise Plan

  • Visualize and access documentation for all SSO options
  • Contact your CSM or Support to activate SSO

New Webhooks – Enterprise Plan

  • Set up your own callbacks to reduce the use of the API
  • Triggered every time documents have been signed or changed state

No change to your existing integrations

New Zapier Integration

Connect Concord to 4000+ apps – Professional Plan

  • Build integrations yourself using Zapier’s simple “if this, then that” interface
  • Choose from dozens of triggers and metadata (new signature, document completed, fields, summary sheet…)
  • Connect automatically and securely using OAuth

Zapier is free to use for up to 100 tasks/month, then starts at $19/month
No additional cost with Concord regardless of the number of tasks


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