Let’s Create a World Where Everyone Can Agree

At Concord we like to think differently. We go beyond selling tech to serving a bigger mission. Our values of purpose, integrity, and humility guide everything we say and do. That’s why we are always on the hunt for talented, creative people to join our team. If you have the passion, ambition and collaborative spirit to create a future where everyone can agree more, come and work with us.

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A strong focus on
career development
Paid Health Coverage
Time Off
Employee Stock Program

Purpose Over Perks

We have a big mission: to empower people to agree more. We are here to help companies, cultures, and causes come together, get on the same page, and build something great. So what we lack in ping-pong tables, we make up in passion for making a difference. That’s why we offer a full paid week off to volunteer, so you can create a positive impact in the world. You could say that our purpose is our perk. If you agree that you’re out to do the same, we want to hear from you.


Downtown offices
in the heart of
San Francisco and Paris
Volunteer Time Off

Teams Over Titles

At Concord we like to keep it real. For a company who’s out to eliminate barriers and bottlenecks, it only makes sense we practice what we preach. That’s why we care more about teams than we do about titles. We’re into positive energy, not egos. We all pitch in. We all work together. And we all have fun together. We go above and beyond our job description to achieve something great. In fact, even our CEO has been spotted tidying up the office from time to time.

Actions Over Words

Agreements are promises built on trust. That’s why we never make promises we cannot keep. Everything we say and do is with integrity and transparency—what you see is what you get. And that also shows in our commitment to your personal growth and success. We want to continue to grow as a company, and we want you to grow with us. We don’t just talk about globalization, we make happen—with tight-knit teams across SF and Paris (and more to come!).

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