Agree to Join Us at CLOC

Agreements are the foundation of everything.

Amazing things happen when people agree to come together. And what better place for us to meet face-to-face than at CLOC from May 14-16, 2019, at the Bellagio in Las Vegas.

We hope to see you at our cocktail party at Lago, located on the edge of the famed Bellagio Fountains.

May 14 | 7-10pm
Cocktail Party at Lago: Want to fire off the Bellagio Fountains?
While there are many cocktail parties, only this exclusive event gives you the chance to control the Bellagio fountains. Are you ready to press the button and watch the water fly? All you have to do is get everyone to agree to the soundtrack and off we go! Come and enjoy bold flavors from award-winning chef Julian Serrano, coupled with crisp, fine champagne. This is sure to be an evening of perfect harmony.

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Other events you won’t want to miss at CLOC:

May 14 |
The Age of Agreements: The Radically Simple Way to Elevate Legal
Join Concord CEO Matt Lhoumeau as he talks about shifting the mindset of the legal profession to “builders,” not “blockers.” This bold session will provide actionable approaches to create meaningful change along with tips from experts who have taken this journey.

May 15 |
Bellagio Ballroom 4

Agree More & Learn More: The Concord Hands-on Demo Lab
Agreements are central to your company’s success, and the right technology holds the power to transform how you manage them. While change management can be challenging, the technology solution you deploy shouldn’t be. Come test-drive Concord at our hands-on lab to experience how radically simple contract management can be. Together, we’ll manage the entire lifecycle of a contract including creation, negotiation, redlining, workflow, execution, analytics and management. Whether you’d prefer to watch the demo on the big screen, perform the exercises on one of our lab computers, or follow along on your own laptop, we invite you to participate in this highly-interactive session.