Close more deals, faster

From generating contracts to syncing with Salesforce, Concord empowers sales teams to close business faster.

Learn how sales teams use Concord for:

  • Automating contracts & quotes
  • Predefined approvals
  • Collaborating with customers
  • Customer relationships
  • Strategic reporting
  • Integrating with Salesforce

Instantly generate contracts and quotes

  • Use the right templateUse pre-approved templates so you don’t spend time searching for the right contract and requesting approval. Never worry about using an outdated version.
  • Automate creation with SalesforceCreate customized quotes and contracts, send them to the right people, and track their progress – all directly from Salesforce.
  • Or automate with anything else: Excel, Open API, etc.Concord lets you create thousands of customized documents instantly, using a wide array of tools to adapt to your business.

Speed‑up internal approval

  • Define precise editing rightsDecide which teams can modify specific parts of your document, and ensure that only legal can change that liability clause.
  • Use predefined workflows, or build your own custom oneConcord lets you create predefined workflows based upon your company’s compliance policies. Or build a custom one for your agreement.
  • Automatically route documents based on thresholdsHave an amount or a discount threshold that requires additional approvals? Using conditional rules, Concord will automatically detect and route your document to the right people for approval.

Accelerate closing with live editing & e‑signature

  • Real-Time EditingSave time and edit online, instead of emailing back and forth. Approve or reject any suggestions made right on Concord.
  • Automated VersioningEvery change made to a document is automatically saved, so you’ll never lose track of a prior version.
  • E-signatureWith one click, send your contract to your third party for e-signature – no more downloading and emailing. Using Concord’s built-in e-signature means your sales team closes deals in minutes, not days.

Improve relationships with your customers

  • Discussion PanelComment on the document as a whole or on a specific clause/paragraph right on Concord, instead of by email. See all remarks at a glance in the discussion panel.
  • Private/Public Chat & CommentingChoose whether your comments are limited to your internal teams, or should be seen by your external guests.

Improve strategy by reporting on contract terms

  • Bi-directional sync with ConcordSalesforce automatically syncs to reflect changes made on Concord, ensuring you can effectively leverage your Salesforce data for forecasting or other reporting needs.
  • Contract intelligenceInstantly see the amounts, terms, or conditions of your contracts, so you can quickly identify opportunities for upsell and expansion.
  • Automate steps post-signatureSet up your opportunities to automatically move to Close-Win once a contract is signed, so you can further automate your post-execution workflow in Salesforce.

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