Close more deals, faster

From generating contracts to syncing with Salesforce, Concord empowers sales teams to close business faster.

Learn how sales teams use Concord for:

  • Contract generation
  • Automated approvals
  • Online negotiations
  • Custom reporting
  • Salesforce integration

Shorten the sales cycle

  • Shorten your approval wait timeSpeed-up internal approvals with workflows that automatically send documents through the right approval process.
  • Ditch the email back-and-forthMove your internal and external edits, redlines, and comments out of your inbox and speed up the sales cycle.
  • Sign fasterConcord’s built-in e-signature gets your contract to your customers fast.

Improve conversion rates

  • Sign more dealsSend all of your SOWs, TOSs, or any other contract on the fly to get to signature faster and close more deals.
  • Keep negotiations movingMove your customers through the sales cycle with seamless online editing and negotiations that take place right on Concord.
  • Free for all your customersInvite any guest to review, edit, and sign your contract, at no cost — no sign-up necessary.

Leverage data for reporting

  • Reliable reportsInstantly see the amounts, terms, or conditions of your contracts, so you can quickly identify opportunities for upsell and expansion.
  • Customization made easyBuild custom reports in real time to see aggregated data across all your contracts.
  • Data you can count onSalesforce automatically syncs to reflect changes made on Concord, ensuring you can effectively leverage your Salesforce data for reporting needs.

Boost sales productivity in Salesforce

  • Speed-up contract generationUse pre-approved templates to make generating contracts effortless. Never worry about an outdated version.
  • Create and track contracts from SalesforceCreate customized quotes and contracts, send them to the right people, and track their progress – all directly from Salesforce.
  • Automate steps post-signatureSet up your opportunities to automatically move to Closed Won once a contract is signed, to further automate your post-execution workflow in Salesforce.

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