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  • Platform security
  • Software security
  • Account security
  • Procedural security
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Platform Security

Concord complies with the strictest international and industry-specific standards to ensure the highest level of platform security. See our data security page for more information.

With concord, Adapts to your retention policies.

Software Security

With regular security audits and secure, geographically-dispersed data centers, your documents are safe on Concord. Plus, Concord’s integrations provide an automatic backup for all documents e-signed on Concord to Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, or your own server

Concord software: Private/public chat & commenting

Account Security

Administrators have complete control over user rights and permissions — from template and document access to feature access. Advanced custom security options include complex password, double authentication (2FA), and regional specific data hosting.

Concord Use smart approval workflows to guarantee compliance

Procedural Security

Company-wide and conditional approval workflows, esignature assignments, and a clause library ensures your company’s procedures are followed by every team with every document.

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