The Digital Leaders Forum

Connecting business leaders in times of digital change.

The Digital Leaders Forum is committed to facilitating knowledge sharing to drive progress and positive change, because meeting demands in a complex, interconnected, fast-moving world requires collaboration.

The Forum encompasses a unique variety of events with the unifying goal of bringing together experts in fields ranging from new technology to global strategy to business processes. Each event offers a different experience and level of opportunity to connect. The following are two types of the events you can expect to attend:

Executive Dinners

Invite only, small-group roundtables covering a pressing topic. Past topics have included “Digitizing in the 4th Industrial Revolution”, “The Impact of AI and Blockchain,” “Building Scalable Business Processes”, and others.

These dinners (or breakfasts) bring together executives across roles and industries to discuss their businesses with peers in an off-the-record setting with the goals of network building and cultivating an environment of cooperative learning.

Networking Events

Larger networking events bringing together forward-thinkers and innovators to share their professional experiences and to make authentic connections with peers.

These gatherings allow for casual conversations and community building while enjoying a mix of handcrafted experiences.

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