Looking to see how other electronic signature apps compare to Concord?

If you’re looking for a free eSignature tool, we’ve got that. But if you’re also ready to move on from using one tool for digital signature, another for storing documents, email for collaboration, and something else for editing, Concord is your best option compared to the competition.

Electronic signature is just the start of what you’ll love:

  • Features for all teams, not just those needing eSign
  • Always up-to-date templates for faster contract drafting
  • Redlining in-app, making collaboration clean and simple
  • Familiar user interface means quick ramp-up
  • Conditional approval workflows to get to a digital signature faster
  • Customizable reports of all contract metrics

Additional benefits when you use Concord for eSignature

Quickly build custom reports

The competitors might give you insights on how long a client spends reviewing a contract or how many electronic signatures you completed, but Concord’s reports go deeper. Build custom reports in our contract management system to instantly see amounts, terms, and conditions across contracts.

Easily search and find every contract

Some contract management software organizes contracts by tag, but Concord makes searching even easier. In addition to tags, Concord’s OCR (optical character recognition) search can also find any contract via title, counter-party name or text within the body of a contract, even with PDFs!

Generate and send multiple contracts to multiple recipients to eSign at once

Any electronic signature provider can send one contract to multiple recipients, but what if you need to send out multiple contracts to multiple recipients? Concord’s automated templates can create customized versions of an agreement with different variables using Salesforce, Excel, or Concord’s API.

Keep track of deadlines, renewals, and non-standard clauses

Alerts for contract renewals are important, but that’s not all that needs to be tracked in contract management. With Concord, you get automated, customized alerts for deadlines, renewals, and non-standard clauses so you can track the most important parts of your business.

Automatically send electronically signed contracts to Google Drive, Box, or Dropbox

Being able to export contracts and agreements so you can save them to an external tool like Google Drive and Dropbox is a good feature for all electronic signature platforms to have. Concord however, goes beyond “good” with our out-of-the-box integrations that automatically send your eSigned contracts to 3rd party platforms.

Set conditions to automatically request the right approval or digital signature.

Unlike our competition that allows approvals based on total proposed value or a line item discount percentage, Concord’s contract management software can route contracts based upon any company-wide field — geographic location, discount value, etc. Automated contract lifecycle management means faster time-to-completion, and therefore increased revenue.


Collaborate and negotiate online

Many eSignature tools work well for internal discussions, but Concord takes collaboration a step further. Comment and chat both internally and publicly without leaving Concord. Create internal-only versions of contracts, ensuring private edits and comments always stay private. Plus, edit and redline contracts right on Concord without having to download, email, and re-upload.

Always up-to-date templates

Other digital signature and contract management platforms customize templates by adding content from a content library. But that template is static — if the Legal team needs to update a clause, every user needs to update their template with that clause. Concord makes it easy to keep all templates up-to-date with pre-approved clauses and workflows. Any change made to the approval workflow and clauses libraries on Concord automatically updates all templates.

Designed for all teams

Some eSignature or “contract platforms” are built for Sales teams to deliver proposals that include design elements, but Concord is built with the entire organization in mind — Legal, Sales, Procurement, HR, and more. Concord designed a familiar, Google Doc-like interface so all teams — not just Sales — will feel right at home.

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