Online Negotiation

The contract negotiation process is inherently collaborative, which is why Concord focuses on providing all the features necessary to effectively collaborate on and negotiate contracts.

Concord provides online editing and discussion capabilities eliminating the need to email documents back-and-forth. Track-changes provides a clear record of the evolution of a document, keeping track of who made specific changes. Every time an edit is made, a new version is created and a time stamped record is captured in the audit trail. Concord has reinvented contract management by including intuitive and robust features for contract negotiation in a single all-in-one platform.


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Online editing

Streamline document drafting and editing. Invite both third parties and colleagues to collaborate on and edit a document. New versions will be automatically created and saved after an edit is made. Online editing eliminates the email back-and-forth and tedious Word or PDF document import and export.

Versioning + Track Changes

View document changes in real-time with Concord. Stay organized by having previous document versions automatically saved in chronological order and color-coded to show who made specific changes. All versions of a document are permanently stored, even after a document has been executed, ensuring access regardless of team changes and improving compliance.




Discussion Panel

Simplify the collaboration process by communicating with colleagues, customers, and third-parties directly through Concord. Eliminate the need for emails, and permanently keep all your conversations in chronological order and saved with the document you’re discussing. View discussions on executed documents from prior years should you need to provide context or prove intent in court.