Meeting Changing Demands in a Digital Landscape: 3 Case Studies

Presented in Partnership with the American Bar Association’s Legal Technology Resource Center

Wednesday, August 8th at 11 am PST, 2 pm EST


Contracts are the DNA of an organization; they build relationships and serve as the official agreement to generate revenue and help teams work efficiently. As today’s business centers around digitalization, moving faster, and working smarter, contracts are a key part of making sure workflows are streamlined and processes are effective.

Success is easiest to replicate when you’ve seen it. Join us as we dive into the case studies of three companies and how they:

  • Digitized and automated their contract processes
  • Increased collaboration and empowered teams
  • Support growing teams, business, and meet expectations by creating efficient and effective contracting processes

Find out how modern businesses are managing their contracts to drive growth, scalability, and revenue.

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Who is the Legal Technology Resource Center?

The Legal Technology Resource Center (LTRC) provides legal technology resources to ABA members through various outlets including a technology blog, publications, monthly webinars and its extensive website.

Technology lives in a state of flux which makes it challenging to stay updated, but the LTRC’s expert staff and member board researches and shares information to give lawyers a competitive edge without having to take time or focus away from their clients or organizations.