Webinar: Selecting, Paying For, and Implementing Legal Technology for VC-backed Startups

Presented in Partnership with TechGC

Tuesday, August 21st 

Across the organization processes are going digital. Legal technology however, remains largely unchanged until more recently. And in the fast pace business landscape of today, amidst increasing pressure for legal teams to keep up with growing expectations and demands, technology is not only reshaping the industry as a whole, it is the key to efficiency, efficacy, and delivering business value.

In this webinar, we will discuss the life cycle of executing on a legal technology project from the perspective of a venture backed startup with a small legal team. Specifically, we will cover:

  • A framework for evaluating and selecting vendors
  • Getting budget and buy-in from your company
  • Challenges and best practices regarding implementation
  • Workflow tools, systems and hacks used by panelists and submitted by audience
  • A brief demo of Concord’s contract management system

Travis Bickham, VP Marketing, Concord
Barbara Bridges, General Counsel, dv01
Doug Mandel, General Counsel, Nauto


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