On-Demand Webinar: Building the Foundation for Professional & Organizational Success

Tips, Tricks, and Insights to Building the Foundation for Professional and Organizational Success

What would you change about your contract management processes if you could? If you could start with a clean slate what would you do differently? Would you know what to do differently? Paola does.

Moving into a Contract Manager position at a new company in the last 90 days, Paola understands the keys to setting up processes, systems, and teams for ongoing success; to building contract processes that drive organizational success and creates room for professional development for your teams. More than driving business impact well-defined and created contract management delivers a larger human impact, in the form of growth and satisfaction.

Join Concord and IACCM to learn best practices for establishing a strong foundation for the contract team that can withstand the test of increased technological demands while remaining agile.

We’ll cover:

  • Step by step guidance on how a new Contract Manager should tackle their role, including suggested milestones and measurements in a 30 / 60 / 90 evaluation
  • How to create an environment of continued learning and growth within the legal and contract department
  • Specific examples of simple process adjustments that can allow for automation and efficiency