On-Demand Webinar: Contract Management for Successful Negotiation

Presented in Partnership with Above the Law

Negotiation is no simple task. Whether it’s maintaining a clear record of who said what, when, or finding the right version of the final agreed-upon terms and conditions, negotiation can be a nightmare if not done correctly. Fortunately, in today’s modern digital world, technology and resources exist to help the process go much more smoothly.

One of the best ways to begin reimagining the negotiation process is to approach contracts as a business process. Managing the cycle from beginning to end so all team members and parties will know exactly how this process will go streamlines conversations and workflows. By treating contracts as more than documents, but as business processes, managing the negotiation conversation is much easier.

Join us to learn:

  • How to rethink contract processes to increase efficiency and effectiveness
  • Negotiation processes, best practices, and how to avoid an adversarial tone
  • Tools and technology that will help create repeatable, scalable processes