On-Demand Webinar: Contract Economics: Smarter Contracts for Predictive Analytics

Presented in Partnership with Ardent Partners

Leveraging the contracting process will drive increased revenue and profit. However, as with anything that delivers revenue, you need to consider the cost.

Applying the “Moneyball” idea to contracting, provides a data-driven, empirical approach, created through a unified lens that leverages process automation, automation tools, Big Data, and data analytics. This approach delivers insights greater than the sum of its parts, creating a larger conversation around contract economics—reducing the cost of contract creation, understanding the financial impacts of said process, and reducing unnecessary costs when managing contracts.

Join Concord and Ardent Partners for this webinar to learn:

  • How to use data from contracts to help make future decisions
  • What forecasting means for Procurement in regards to supplier/relationship management
  • How to leverage data to move beyond hind-sight reporting and analytics to predictive

Before you hire another analyst, discover what the power of the contract data you already have can deliver.