On-Demand Webinar: Making Your Mark as a GC: Practical Changes to Make Lasting Improvements on Team Processes

Presented in Partnership with General Counsel News

Today’s General Counsels have to be creative. From changing expectations within organizations to the flood of new technology available, GCs have huge expectations to live up to—and many resources available to transform the processes and perceptions of Legal.

Modern teams are focusing on digitization and strategy as two main initiatives that help move Legal from the “department of no” to a strategic function in a business. By creating new workflows and enhancing the current processes for contract management, GCs have the power to make tangible changes and take ownership of success in the business.

Join Concord and GCN for this webinar to discover:

  • How to position Legal as a key stakeholder and strategic leader within an organization
  • How to manage risk and create new streamlined workflows that will automate compliance
  • What to consider when looking at digital Legal tools