On-Demand Webinar: Reimagining Contracts as a Business Process, Not Documents

Presented in Partnership with IACCM

Contracts are more than a one-time action. They are a business process, one that touches every business function and each department — everything, from marketing partnerships, to vendor relationships and agreements, to hiring, mitigating risk, and driving revenue.

How are you managing this process? Is it as efficient as it can be? Understanding how you can identify and address choke points within your process to ensure you’re managing this process successfully at every stage—from creation to negotiation, signature, and lifecycle post-execution—is key to survival.

Whether you have technology in place or are simply working to put all your documents in one place, join Concord and IACCM to learn:

  • What an ideal process looks like, including with and without tools, and ideas for how to achieve
  • Best practices for managing contracts in all stages
  • How to leverage other teams to make contract management successful across an organization