On-Demand Webinar: What Your Prospect Wants From Your Sales Process

Presented in Partnership with Saleshacker

Smart selling is all about agreement. From the process to the outcome, sales teams should be focused on helping people agree more. Whether it’s agreeing to start a partnership, or agreeing that the best decision, for now, is a different direction, sales teams are at the core of empowering decisions.

Selling honestly, making negotiation smooth, and ensuring the signature process is quick builds trust among prospects. Having a good relationship from the outset increases likelihood of repeat revenue – people buy from people they like. From the first point of contact to renewals and beyond, it’s crucial to create an experience that brings customers in for life.

Join Concord and Sales Hacker to learn:

  • Align product, customer success, and sales to match expectations to delivery.
  • Communicate the reality of an implementation process.
  • Optimize legal resources to build momentum for a smooth negotiation process.
  • Lessons from frustrated customers who were promised more than they got—and what they want to hear from future sales teams.