On-Demand Webinar: AI, Blockchain, and Other Emerging Technology Trends, and Their Implications for Legal Teams

Presented in Partnership with TGCI

As processes across the organization have gone digital the expectations of legal teams have exponentially grown. However, with 95% of the world’s businesses manually managing their contracts, meeting those demands can seem insurmountable. The technology that is disrupting and reshaping the industry is key, redefining what contract success looks like by empowering teams to deliver efficiency, efficacy, and greater business value.

How exactly has this rapidly expanding technology landscape changed? What are the implications of technological advancements such as AI and Blockchain when it comes to Legal?

Join us for this virtual event and:

  • Understand the specific implications of these technologies
  • Learn how to adapt and implement new technology into your organization
  • Discover how to find the best technology for your use case—to maximize compliance, speed, and growth


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