The Ultimate Contract Management Evaluation Worksheet

Making a change isn’t easy. And evaluating software and finding the right solution for your business and needs in itself is too complicated. This is a document you can actually use—to simplify and streamline the evaluation process, to get you to the best decision possible quicker, and help you prove your business case and bring along other stakeholders with you.

Covering every angle—from budgeting, to building a business case, to key questions to ask and areas of consideration when evaluating, implementation, scalability, integrations, workflows, and beyond, this comprehensive Contract Management Evaluation Evaluation Worksheet covers everything—everything—you need to evaluate contract management solutions.

Built in Excel, this worksheet includes:

  • A list of questions to ask during your evaluation, with example answers, and space to fill out your comments
  • A TCO worksheet with built-in formulas to calculate cost for as many vendors as you want to evaluate, including areas each vendor charges for so get true cost, for 1 and 3 years
  • A Build Your Business Case Template created as a worksheet so you can fill it out as you go

Contract nirvana doesn’t have to be a dream state. Wake up to more efficient, effective contract management processes. Let’s get started, step-by-step.

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