On-Demand Webinar: Legal & IT: Working Together to Invest in Strategic Contract Management Technology

With Today’s General Counsel and Nimble Consulting Services

In today’s business world, efficiency and digitization are two of the biggest initiatives for any team. These strategies are especially relevant for Legal. Modern Legal teams now face changing expectations that require a faster pace of business and digitization. Having the right technology is critical for success. In a hyper-competitive market, how can Legal ensure they are keeping up with this pace of business? The answer is simple: contracts.

Forward-thinking teams are now collaborating across an organization to align with IT and discover technology that is useful and effective for an entire organization. Finding the best Legal Technology that fits an organization’s needs is an investment into the team’s future—one that significantly pays off.

Join Concord, TGCI, and Nimble Consulting Services for this webinar to discover:

  • Why Legal Technology is a strategic move for any team, and how to align with IT to make a strong case for it
  • What to consider when looking at Legal Technology and key measurable metrics
  • How to determine allies in IT when making critical Legal Technology purchases


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