DemystData + Concord

In an ideal world, if I were to create something to handle contract management, it would be Concord.


Given the number of data providers DemystData engages with, contract management is an important part of its business. Using a combination of different software products to manage this process, syncing between products didn’t always work, and workflow processes were often circumvented as different members of the team were on the road or in separate locations. Without a single source of truth, contracts were hard to locate. In 2017, DemystData decided it was time to get their processes, documents, and people organized into one place.


Managing workflow in the same place where contracts are stored is key to DemystData’s success, and Concord provided an unprecedented level of visibility into their contract portfolio. DemystData liked Concord’s accessible UI that was smooth, modern, and familiar. In terms of organization, tagging, and real-time editing, Concord was the only platform that had all the features DemystData was looking for. Barbara, VP of Legal, also highlighted the ease of implementation and impressive level of support provided during onboarding, which has helped DemystData start seeing benefits in only three weeks.

DemystData knew that Concord would scale with them as they continued to grow and expand, while increasing efficiency and providing more value to the overall business.


All of DemystData’s processes have now been condensed into one system. From an operational standpoint, having all documents organized in a single location provided great improvements in operational efficiency. The team expects to continue seeing advancements in efficiency as well as in metrics such as time-to-signature as they continue to leverage the platform.

“In an ideal world, if I were to create something to handle contract management, it would be Concord.”– Barbara Bridges, VP of Legal & Compliance