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contract management without concord is a mess of other apps and slow processes

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With plans starting at just $17 per month, anyone who handles contracts can use Concord to make the contract management process easier for everyone. Whether you’re in-house counsel, part of a procurement team, or any administrative role that is responsible for contracts, Concord can help.

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You want to know what other contract professionals have found reliable, safe, and convenient. From free plans to full enterprise packages, thousands of companies trust Concord with their most important agreements.

Can you answer “yes” to any of these?

  • Do you sometimes need to search for contracts by the text within them?
  • Ever wish you had templates to make all your new contracts faster?
  • Is it difficult to track versions of contracts?
  • Do you ever need to bulk send agreements?
  • Could you benefit from reminders of deadlines on contracts?

Accelerate every stage of agreements

Collaborate with anyone. Including counterparties.

Collaborate with anyone. Including counterparties.

  • Work with all internal teams, not just LegalA familiar Google Doc-like interface makes Concord easy for any team to use, not just Legal.
  • Negotiate with your customers, vendors, or any counterpartyMove negotiations out of your inbox and edit, redline, comment, and chat on Concord.
Automate. Integrate. Report.

Automate. Integrate. Report.

  • Automate approvalsEnsure every team follows company guidelines by automating approvals.
  • Integrate with key business applicationsConnect Concord to the tools your teams already use — Salesforce, GDrive, Dropbox, Box, and more.
  • Increase visibility into your contractsQuickly create custom reports that aggregate data from all your contracts.

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