Successful contracts. Faster processes.

Concord automates the last manual business process–contracts. Streamline how you buy and sell together
with the contract success platform.

Reconcile Speed & Compliance

Until now, the faster you moved the more your compliance was at risk. And when it came time to reconcile the two, growth suffered.
Concord removes the compliance friction that slows you down. It speeds up your processes making you more agile, and able to scale faster and more sustainably.

Every person, every process, every document.
All in one place.

Concord connects all your people, processes, and contracts on one platform. Built with intuitive features, like online negotiation and editing, deadline alerts, and approval workflows, you have everything you need, all in one place.
With Concord’s comprehensive contract lifecycle management, you improve collaboration and achieve flawless compliance, reduce costs, and increase revenue.


Legally binding signatures used by 130 countries worldwide. No more manual signing.

Online negotiation

Online Negotiation

Online collaborative editing, with comprehensive track changes. No more Word or PDF back and forth.


Deadline Alerts

Automated email and text message alerts for any renewal or deadline. No more missed deadlines.


Workflow Management

Manage multi-step contract approvals and permissions. No more signed contract without proper approval.



Automated audit trail, including all messages and negotiated document versions. No more lost information.


Works With All Contracts

Customer, vendor, HR, NDA, partnerships…

Trusted by 100,000+ companies.

Independent contractors, small and medium businesses as well as Fortune 1000 companies use Concord every day.

  • Using Concord brought serenity to our partners.

    Morgan Hardy
    Morgan Hardy Costa Crociere
  • Concord succeeded in our two objectives: signature speed and team satisfaction.

    Edwige Dupont
    Edwige Dupont Scopelec
  • Concord has done for contracts what Slack has done for office chat: easy, sleek, and fun.

    Lisa Abdilova
    Lisa Abdilova Well Connected Now

Fully integrated.

Integrate Concord in your processes using its out-of-the-box integrations or its RestFul API.

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