Contract Management

Concord is the most comprehensive and robust contract lifecycle management software available, providing essential features required for effective follow-through after the contract has been executed. Deadline alerts ensure you are taking advantage of new opportunities and managing contract performance.  Summary sheets enhance organization with at-a-glance key clause tracking. 

And amendments track relationships between documents throughout the contract lifecycle. Concord provides unlimited storage for all customers and does not charge as storage needs increase. Maintain ties to vendors, customers, and colleagues even after a contract has been executed, and never forget about or lose an important document again.

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Deadline Alerts

Never worry about missing a deadline again by setting automated deadline alerts. Configure deadline alerts for specific events in the contract lifecycle, such as advanced notice of termination, financial terms, contract renewal dates, and even configure custom clauses for tracking.  Receive alerts via email.

Summary Sheets

Quickly view critical document information through its attached summary sheet. See a document’s description, tags and folders, signees, lifecycle information, financial information, audit trail, and other key clauses at a glance to make retrieving key information straightforward and quick.


Link documents together for easy reference on contract updates, change orders, or amendments. Specify whether a document is linked as an amendment, a framework agreement, or simply as added reference. Enjoy enhanced visibility and quick access to documents linked together in this way.

Unlimited Storage

Get unlimited storage for all your documents. You can store as many documents as needed on Concord’s secure servers, and access them at any time from anywhere. Your data will be safe and backed up for as long as you are with Concord, and will always belong to you.

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