Wagram + Concord

“We save a lot of time, it’s really useful. Getting contracts signed is fast, almost instantaneous.

Success story with Zdenka Lemut, General Counsel at Wagram Music


From its thematic compilation activity, Wagram Music produces an average of 15 compilations per month from which about 250 nonexclusive licensing contracts with producers are generated. The contracts are with major and independent labels from France and foreign countries. Additionally, there are third-party compilation contracts. Before using Concord, Wagram Music sent and tracked contracts using classic desktop tools (Excel, Word, email).

“Concord was easy to get up and running; our teams were able to immediately use the solution. Concord is an intuitive tool, even for nontechnical users.”

The legal department wanted to implement a solution that would be integrated and digitalized in order to save time and optimize monitoring for internal and external actors. They also wanted to include a e-signing mechanism.


After looking into various solutions, the General Counsel discovered that courts treat electronic signatures just like traditional ones. Wagram Music chose Concord not only for its electronic signature capabilities, but also for its collaboration feature.

“We chose Concord not only because of the ease of sending and getting contracts signed, but also because it allows me to invite collaborators and be in direct contact with the providers.”


Time savings:

Sending and managing time was cut by 70%. The legal department can now send about 20 contracts with a single click. Each contract stays fully personalized thanks to the automated variable function. The team is now in direct contact with producers, which enables them to accelerate their exchanges.

“We save a lot of time, its really useful. Getting contracts signed is fast, almost instantaneous.”

Improved security:

The Wagram legal team uses Concord to view contract statuses in real time, from creating to signing. The built-in versioning feature enables Wagram to be certain that each contract is legally compliant.

Rapid contract processing:

Producers adapted to the tools very quickly.

“They like to be able to monitor contract progress and to be able to directly contact Concord if information is missing.”

Moving Forward

Wagram plans to expand its use of the platform to include contracts sent to photographers. Concord allows users to easily import exhibits and pictures, which will allow Wagram to provide the same efficiency with photographers as they experience with producers.


  • 70% reduction in contract preparation, sending time, and management
  • Legal compliance is no longer question
  • Clients are instantly able to sign agreements

About the company

Wagram Music, independent actor created in 1998, produces and develops artists (music recording/show production/record production) in France and internationally. Wagram Music is also a supplier (physical and digital) and editor of thematic music compilations.

Concord’s tool was implemented to optimize contracts’ processes and management for the thematic compilation activity.