Unlimited contracts. Unlimited users.



per user per month
billed annually

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  • ✓ Online document editing
  • ✓ Version control
  • ✓ Discussion
  • ✓ e-Signature
  • ✓ Audit trail
  • ✓ Deadline alerts


per user per month
billed annually or
$29.99 billed monthly

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  • ✓ Advanced access control
  • ✓ Amendments management
  • ✓ Google Drive, Dropbox, Slack* Integrations


per user per month
billed annually or
$69.99 billed monthly

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  • ✓ Bulk send
  • ✓ Approval workflows
  • ✓ API
  • ✓ Custom identification policies
  • ✓ Salesforce, Box Integration
  • ✓ Data Export

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  • ✓ Subsidiary management
  • ✓ Data localization
  • ✓ LDAP



Is the Free plan really free?

Yes, it is. Free means free.

Are there any other costs associated with the Free plan?

No other cost. Free really means free.

Are there any limitations to the “Free” plan?

No limitation. Unlimited means unlimited.

Do I need a credit card?

You don’t, since it’s free! All you need is an email address.


Can I mix different plans?

Since our features are shared across all users (Workflow, Identification policies, etc.), all your users need to be on the same plan, whether it’s Free, Standard or Plus.

Are there any other fees, beside the subscription?

No other fees. No product deployment or training fees. No maintenance costs or update fees. No termination or data recovery fees. You only pay for your subscription period.

How can I get my invoices?

You will receive them directly by email. If you missed one, email us at billing@concordnow.com

Can I downgrade my plan, or remove seats?

You can, at anytime. Your invoice will be updated automatically with your next renewal.

Do I get my data back if I close my account?

You do get your data back, as promised in our Terms and Conditions. Your data is your data.

Is there a commitment period?

No commitment period. No termination notice. Only the current subscription period is due.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept credit cards for all types of plans and subscriptions. We only accept other payment methods for annual subscriptions exceeding $10,000.

Can I upgrade my plan, or add users?

You can, at anytime. A one-time, prorated invoice will be created for the remainder of the current billing period.

Can I go back to the Free plan from a paying plan?

You can, at anytime. Changes will be effective at your next renewal.

Do you offer discounts?

We offer discounts for annual subscriptions. Since we believe our prices are fair, we never offer any other discounts. It helps us stay agile; with less people negotiating, we can focus on building the best platform possible to bring you even more value.


Where can I know more about your security policy?

You can find more details about our security policy here.

Where can I find your privacy policy?

You can find more details about our privacy policy here.


Where can I find your Terms and Conditions?

You can find them here.

Will you modify your Terms and Conditions to meet our internal legal standards?

Our Terms of Service (TOS) are designed to be industry-standard and are succesfully used by all our customers, big and small, in more than 100 different countries. Therefore, we prefer keeping our standardized TOS to be fair to all our users. If our TOS don’t meet your needs, please contact us and we’d be happy to help.